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Portuguese can be a challenging language, and the truth is that even with regular classes and occasional trips to Brazil, students may find it difficult to feel confident when speaking with native speakers, especially in group settings.

Having been a teacher for a decade, I have observed numerous students throughout their language learning journey. Frequently, they begin as hesitant speakers, carefully selecting each word, rehearsing their sentences, and restraining their thoughts due to a fear of lacking fluency.

Movies compel us to engage on multiple levels simultaneously. Physical cues reinforce ideas, emotions enhance words, repetition strengthens comprehension, and images convey messages clearly.

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Say goodbye to feeling dissatisfied with your Portuguese studies and join us in this exciting movie course that will boost your confidence and fluency in Portuguese!

All Levels

No matter your proficiency! This course is tailored to your level, providing you with the right tools and resources to enhance your language learning journey.


Speaking Portuguese confidently, especially in group settings, can be a challenge for students, even after regular classes and occasional trips to Brazil.


Special Guests

Experience the thrill of meeting film actors, directors, and screenwriters firsthand. Analyze their work, ask questions, and gain valuable insights. This exclusive opportunity allows you to delve into the world of cinema like never before, enriching your learning journey in a truly unforgettable way.


Learn the language and connect with Brazilians through diverse accents and colloquialisms. Engage with discussion facilitators from different regions of Brazil for an immersive experience that expands your linguistic and cultural understanding.

Breakout Room

Feel at home in our small breakout groups with just 3 students and a facilitator. Then, join the larger group for even more exciting interaction and idea exchange. Experience the warmth of a supportive community that enhances your language learning journey.

Easy to fit into your schedule, no matter how busy

Watch the film at your convenience, as many times as your schedule allows. Enjoy the flexibility of revisiting the movie to deepen your understanding and extract valuable insights at your own pace.

Deep Learning

For DEEP LEARNING. WLR - Watch, Listen, Rewind, allows you to grasp words and phrases, easily and in context. As your mind picks up both the sound/image, you will suddenly begin to sound out Portuguese like a native!

A lot of fun

Our course promises to be an exciting and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Engage in captivating activities, interactive exercises, and lively discussions that will make your language learning journey an absolute blast. Learning Portuguese has never been this much fun!

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