By using our services, you automatically agree to all terms and conditions described herein.


Group Lessons 

When you purchase a group course on our website, you agree to the schedules, dates, and prices provided in the course description.

The student is responsible for attending the classes and it is not possible to convert absences into credits for future classes or courses offered by the CONTRACTOR.

Classes recording

The classes are recorded only by the CONTRACTOR, and by purchasing our course, the student agrees that the CONTRACTOR may use clips of up to 90 seconds on Instagram to showcase the “best moments of the class.”

If the student does not wish to be featured in these clips as the person speaking about the topic, they must communicate their preference via email to

How to find the movies

If you bought a Movie Course, all the films in the course are available in the American Netflix catalog. However, it is possible that some films may not be available in the student’s country’s Netflix catalog. In such cases, the student must notify us in advance so that we can provide an alternative solution.

The order of the films may change, taking into consideration any special guest participation related to the film, with prior notice given to the student.

If any of the listed films are removed from the American Netflix catalog, we will provide a suitable replacement film, always with prior notice and ample time for the student to comfortably watch it.

Class Location

The classes take place through the Zoom platform, at an address and password that will be provided to the student upon enrollment.

The hosts and facilitators of the classes 

The hosts of the meetings are Camila and Luan, who will take turns throughout the course.

Our courses have a number of facilitators proportional to the number of enrolled students. For this course, there will be a minimum of one facilitator for every three students.

WhatsApp Group & Email

Students will have access to an exclusive WhatsApp group during the duration of the course. In the group, students can send audio messages and texts to practice the language, ask questions, and interact with each other in a respectful manner. Questions addressed to the teachers via WhatsApp or email will be answered within 2 business days.


If a student is unable to continue with the classes, the full payment for the course is still due and payable, and the CONTRACTOR is not obligated to refund any amount paid or provide credits for future classes to the CONTRACTING PARTY.